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  • It typically takes 25 years to repay a mortgage ... Why not take 25 minutes to allow us to find a suitable one for you
  • Probably:
    Probably: The biggest financial decision you will ever make
  • Most of all -
    Most of all - We care and understand
  • Relax
    Relax Let us find the most suitable mortgage for you
  • Confused?
    Confused? There are so many! Which one is right for you?
  • Dedicated:
    Dedicated: To providing sound, clear and concise mortgage advice since 1996

About us

Advanced Mortgage Solutions commenced trading in 1996 serving the local community and beyond.

Advanced Mortgage Solutions is a trading style of MCA (Bolton) Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. With over 100 years combined experience within the team we have built the business over the years through clients returning to us to use our services, personal recommendations, introductions from other professionals and by providing sound, clear precise advice.

We are a small family run business with three advisers who have all worked in the financial industry for many years with various financial institutions and at a time when service to clients was at the forefront. We have carried that forward to this business as our belief more than any other is that if you wish to be successful and remain in business then by providing a quality service first and foremost will go a long way to achieving this.

Our Team:

Tony Wadsworth has been a mortgage adviser since 1997 having previously worked for Wiilliams and Glyn's bank and later Royal Bank of Scotland PLC in various roles for 18 years before leaving from his final position as Business Manager in 1997.

Karen Mather started her career with TSB before moving on to Abbey National where she was employed for 22 years before leaving her final role as branch manager in 2003. Karen joined the team in 2006.


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